True Felcula Butterflyfish

True Felcula Butterflyfish

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Minimum Tank Size: 125 Gallons

Temperament: Semi-Aggressive

Reef Compatible: No

Max. Size: 8"

Diet: Meaty items such as fish, crustaceans, mysis shrimp, and frozen marine preparations 


The Falcula Butterflyfish is mostly white becoming yellow dorsally. It has a series of narrow black stripes on its sides, two patches of black on the dorsal side, and a black eye band.

A 125 gallon or larger fish-only aquarium with other butterflyfish is a good environment. The Falcula Butterflyfish will eat anemones, hard corals, and mushroom anemones causing problems in a reef aquarium.

SIZE: Small: 2" - 3"; Medium: 3" - 4"; Large: 4" - 5"+

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