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Kessil AP700 Controllable LED


Perfect coverage. Awesome colors. Excellent growth.

Kessil’s AP700 LED combines the features and power of their pendant lights with a traditional flat aquarium fixture. This configuration allows the light to be suspended above the aquarium with a hanging kit, mounted to the tank itself with the mounting arm, or placed within your existing canopy with the canopy kit.

The 185-watt LED fixture uses Kessil-designed “Hybrid Optics” that gives their LED array the depth penetration and coverage of metal halide lighting but without the heat and high energy consumption. The Hybrid Optics design uses the latest Kessil patented Dense Matrix LED arrays with a specially designed lens and reflector system. This eliminates lighting “hot spots” often seen with regular LED aquarium fixtures. The AP700 provides a full 48 inches of light coverage with virtually no shading. You’ll also love the light shimmer effect that looks just like natural sunlight penetrating the reef.

Kessil manufactures LED lighting systems for research equipment, photo-imaging and other color-sensitive applications. This LED know-how is found in the AP700’s Full Color Spectrum properties. You’ll be able to select and fine-tune the light spectrum with the AP700’s endless color palate. Kessil Logic allows each color channel to be independently tuned to create the best color spectrum to stimulate intense coloration and accelerated coral growth. Kessil also pre-programs the fixture to always provide the right UV spectrum for coral growth. Kessil Logic ensures the LED array provides consistent output across the light spectrum.

Control of the light’s color adjustments and programming can be made directly on the fixture or wirelessly through the Kessil Wi-Fi Controller app for iOS and Androiddevices.

What we really like about the Kessil AP700:

  • Kessil pendant technology in a traditional canopy fixture
  • Beautiful shimmer effect like metal halide lighting
  • Excellent coverage across the reef
  • Wi-Fi control through iOS and Android devices
  • Selection of light programs like Lunar Cycle and weather effects
  • Ability to custom color mix without losing light intensity
  • Attractive design and quiet operation
  • Variety of mounting options: mounting arms, canopy mount kit, and hanging kit.

Kessil AP700 Features:

  • Dense Matrix LED array
  • Hybrid Optics system
  • Pre-programmed lighting and weather effects
  • Full light penetration without hot spots
  • Automatic UV control for coral growth
  • Beautiful shimmer effect like natural sunlight
  • Sleek Design with multiple mounting options
  • Complete control of color blending
  • On-light and Wi-Fi control

Kessil AP700 Specifications:

  • Wattage: 185 Watts
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Fixture Dimensions: 20" X 6.4" x 1.5"
  • Tank Recommendations:
    • For a mixed reef: Up to 48" x 24" hanging 15" to 18" above water surface.
    • For primarily SPS corals: Up to 36" x 24" hanging 5" to 7" above water surface.