Innovative Marine 30 Gallon NUVO 30L Aquarium

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Beauty is in the details. The NUVO Fusion 30L aquarium by Innovative Marine represents everything we love about reef keeping with features that will boost your hobby experience to the next level. It`s not just the next aquarium, but what the next aquarium should be.

Borrowing features from the premium SR-Series. Innovative Marine has revamped their MidSize lineup to give you higher quality low-iron glass, a mesh screen top, and up to 15% more room front-to-back for aquascaping, while still keeping the customizable filtration system from our award winning NUVOs.

Find a distinctive profile with a design that will never go out of style.

  • 30 Gallon Capacity
  • Ultra Thick 8mm High Clarity Glass / Low Iron
  • Leveling Rubber Mat
  • DIMS (36” x 15” x 13”)
  • Flat Polished
  • Diamond Edge Polished
  • Black Silicone
  • Aluminum Framed Mesh Screen Lid/Clips
  • Acrylic Filter Wall w / Dual Overflows
  • (2) 200 Micron Filter Socks
  • (2) Adjustable Return Flare Nozzles
  • (1) 45W 110v/60Hz 476 Gallons Per Hour Pump
  • Designated Heater Column
  • Designated Skimmer/Reactor Column

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