Cube Tank

Product image 1Cube Tank
Product image 2Cube Tank
Product image 3Cube Tank
Product image 4Cube Tank
Product image 5Cube Tank
Product image 6Cube Tank

Regular price $300.00

    • 20" x20"x15" (25 Gal)
    • 18"x18"x15" (21 Gal)
    • 16"x16"x14" (15 Gal)
    • Made with 1/2" clear domestic cell cast acrylic
    • 8x4 Back center overflow 
    • Black Bottom
    • Overflow box has a 1" bulkhead drain hole and (2) 1/2" bulkhead return holes
    • Having 2 return holes within the overlflow box allows for plumbing 
    • Rounded edges 
    • Museum quality polished upgrade included
    • Plumbing as shown in picture included, 2 Bulkheads, loc lines and elbow fittings
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