CAD Lights 70 Gallon Artisan II

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The 70G Artisan II is packed with performance and power giving you an overall filtration power of an aquarium 2X its size for the ultimate professional reefing package in the industry. The 70G Artisan II is the perfect size to accomodate a wide variety of aquatic animals. Simple and easy to set up, it includes everything you need to build an incredible reef or marine aquarium.

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  • 10mm low iron ultra clear glass with diamond polished edges
  • Durable Maple plywood cabinet stand
  • Stand is hand painted with oil based paint that protects the wood from water damage
  • 1 piece trapezoid cell-cast acrylic overflow box
  • 3-hole Herbie/Durso style drain system with large diameter (1.25") drain pipe
  • Clean and professionally tooled Black silicone seams
  • Includes everything you need to get started
  • Dimensions: (35.5" x 23.5" x 18")
  • TIA-110 Needhwleel, air injection protein skimmer
  • 36" Tall Maple Plywood stand
  • 30-gallon 4-chamber sump
  • energy efficient 660GPH Sump pump
  • LED refugium light
  • Heavy duty "Grey" uPVC plumbing
  • Recessed glass cover (for full or partial covering)

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