CAD Lights 68 Gallon Versa II

Product image 1CAD Lights 68 Gallon Versa II - Reef Lounge USA
Product image 2CAD Lights 68 Gallon Versa II - Reef Lounge USA
Product image 3CAD Lights 68 Gallon Versa II - Reef Lounge USA

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New 68G Versa II is designed to be a more complete package offering more for the hobbyists who want a more powerful system. It includes all of the features that make the Versa such a great aquarium system but we have equipped it more such as our Artisan® 4” micron filter sock holder set, automatic submersible heater, and our Artisan ® Auto top-off reservoir tank. We feel these new upgrades will give your Marine, Reef and freshwater system a great boost in performance as well as a more complete system the moment you receive it.

The 68G Versa is a very well rounded aquarium which features an extra long footprint while being wide and tall at the same time giving it a high compatibility for heavy loaded reef and fish alike depending on the amount you wish to keep for each. There are lots of space for both fish or reef or a mix of BOTH together! Great for fish that need a little extra space to swim. The Versa aquarium uses our furniture style cabinetry, finest Low-iron ultra clear glass and craftsman detailing that our Rimless aquariums are well known for.


• 10mm low iron ultra clear glass with polished edges

• Polished Gloss Black or Gloss White Marine grade MDF cabinet

• Left rear cell-cast single curved acrylic overflow box pre-drilled

• Industrial strength non corrosive uPVC Durso and Loc-line plumbing kit

• Spacious multi-purpose sump

• Clean and clear silicone seams

• Evaporation reducing, rimless glass cover system

• Includes everything you need to get started

• 4” 100% Cell-Cast acrylic Artisan ® adjustable filter sock holder

• 4” 250Micron filter sock

• Fully submersible automatic aquarium heater

• Artisan ® Auto-Top off reservoir tank


• Dimensions: (35.5" x 19.5" x 21.5")

• Polished Gloss Black or Gloss White Marine grade MDF cabinet stand (35.5" x 19.5" x 36")

• 25 gallon multi-chambered sump (30" x 15" x 13")

• Silent 660 GPH return pump

• 1" Drain plumbing

• 1/2" Return plumbing with Loc-Line return nozzle

• Rimless glass cover system

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