CAD Lights 45G Shallow Reef Versa II

Product image 1CAD Lights 45G Shallow Reef Versa II - Reef Lounge USA
Product image 2CAD Lights 45G Shallow Reef Versa II - Reef Lounge USA
Product image 3CAD Lights 45G Shallow Reef Versa II - Reef Lounge USA

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Designed to bring you truly up close and personal with your aquatics, the unique shallow reef design allows breathtaking views of your aquatic life and all of its inhabitants in the front, sides as well as the unique top viewing. Using the finest Low-iron ultra clear glass and detailing that our Rimless aquariums are well known for. This gem will be the center of attention anywhere it is displayed. At an appealing overall height of 48 inches with beautiful polished high gloss White or Black Marine grade cabinets. The Shallow Versa features a rear left overflow box that allows spacious aqua-scaping and generously proportioned length and width for an exceptional top-angle observation of the reef aquarium.

The 45G Shallow reef is an interesting tank because it utilizes everything that a larger aquarium usually comes with such as the larger 70G Cabinet, sump, 660G pump, high speed drain and return kit and other features that makes the 45G Shallow Versa run like a tank much larger than its size.

45G Features/Includes:

Tank: 45G Versa 3/8” thick Low-iron Ultra clear glass on 3 viewing panels. Aquarium dimensions are 35.5" x 23.75" x 11.75". Overall height is 48" with cabinet and tank. Left rear overflow maximizes the center areas for aquascaping. Cell-Cast single curved acrylic overflow box.

Cabinet: 35.5" x 23.75" x 36" modern simplistic streamlined designed Marine Grade Polished gloss white or black MDF cabinet. Intelligent structural designed to allow a full wide open area inside the cabinet for maximum space for filtration and supplies storage. No middle wall which wastes space and reduce functionality. Combines the best elements of beauty and durability.

Plumbing: Complete 1" and 1/2" heavy duty Industrial strength non-corrosive uPVC Durso and Loc-line plumbing kit for silent drain and return system. Superior quality and durability compared to aquarium grade plumbing.

Glass cover system:

full sized multi-panel glass canopy system allows you to have the tank completely Rimless, fully covered or partially covered. Keep your fish safely inside the tank as well as cut down your evaporation by 50% or more. glass canopy


27.5” x 13” x 11” Versa sumps are designed for a highly adaptable and versatile function, giving you plenty of space to add in a wide range of equipment from the industry or equipment you have awaiting for a new upgraded tank. Beautifully diamond polished to match the glazier design of the Versa aquarium.


Silent and dependable 660GPH sump pump gives a wide range of usage from Freshwater, Marine and Reef aquariums.

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