CAD Lights 165 Gallon Artisan w/ 3 AI Hydra 26 HD

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The best package just got better! The new Artisan ALL Reef series Combines the Artisan tanks in collaboration with Aqua-Illumination (AI) and AquaMaxx for a package that is truly incredible in performance and beauty. It is specially designed for the Heavy stocking Reefer and Aquarists who want the best of everything whether it is custom maple cabinetry hand painted to a Piano finish, Low iron ultra clear glass, professional craftsmanship to high performance equipment to guarantee perfect aquatic parameters in mind. If thats what you are looking for, then the Artisan ALL Reef series is the best choice. Comes in both Black and White Piano gloss finishes.

Aquarium: 71" x 23.5" x 21.5" Low iron ultra clear glass for all viewing panels. Each panel of glass is high polished and joined with solid professionally tooled black seals. 1/2" Thickness all around featuring a super heavy duty 5/8" thick bottom. Euro-braced for heavy duty use and extra longevity and durability

Cabinet: Comes included with our new 36” tall Piano finished Oil-based painted cabinets Piano Black or Piano White, for the best water, salt, vapor resistant and heavy load capacity. Overall height of system is perfect eye-level at 56".

Overflow system: High speed Reef ready Trapezoid overflow boxes that are specially designed to run silently. 1-piece custom curved with reinforcement tabs. 3 return ports to easily access all areas of the tank.

AquaMaxx Cone-S Q-3 Protein skimmer (240G-420G Capacity)

(3) AI 26 Hydra HD LED lighting systems

(3) AI Rail kit tank mounts

Sump: 59" x 15" x 13". Artisan II Professional Extra large multi-chambered sump. Very roomy 50G volume that gives great performance with extra room to spare for future add-ons.

Full glass canopy cover system

Advanced 1500GPH DC flow Controlling Professional pump features total silence, energy efficiency (with 10min. feeder clock)

Industrial strength Corrosion resistant SCH60 uPVC Complete plumbing system with Durso drain with Modified Herbie Style. Total Silence.

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